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RotaLube® industrial chain lubrication systems


Rotalube® is a unique range of patented industrial chain lubrication systems that involve applying accurate amounts of lubricant to roller chain and conveyor chain; it delivers lube to exactly the right part of the chain at exactly the right time, every time. The performance of Rotalube® automated chain lubrication is not affected by speed fluctuations or indexing.

A truly simple and effective solution to extending chain life, whatever the size of chain there is a Rotalube® solution.






Industrial Chains & Automatic Lubrication System






Interflon helps companies to reduce their maintenance and energy costs, at the same time reducing down-time. We employ 400 skilled Technical Advisors worldwide to assist our customers on-site in optimizing their processes and implementing the selected Interflon lubricants converting them into real cost saving solutions. We offer you lubricants with exceptionally good performance for industrial and food processing equipment maintenance purposes. Our products reduce maintenance cost, power consumption and CO2 emissions whilst promoting component reliability and factory output. Our portfolio includes industrial and NSF® listed lubricants in all current viscosity grades for first assembly, repair and maintenance work. Similarly, we can provide you with cost saving ecological cleaners.

KÖBO has been producing sprockets and chain wheels since 1894. In 1899, Emil Köhler and Hermann Bovenkamp developed a new standardization process for chain wheels that is still in use at KÖBO today. They were truly ahead of their time. KÖBO has used this type of innovative thinking for a lasting success across multiple industries. Innovation coupled with a deep customer understanding allows the company to see the bigger picture - and it still characterizes the company today. At KÖBO we strive to instill confidence in our customers and show a thorough understanding of our industry.