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KOOKA Technology Corporation

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KÖBO Conveyor Chains

High performance conveyed, high performance received.
From car factories to car washes, KÖBO is one of the leading manufacturers in high-quality conveyor and transport chains. Because of our innovation, quality, and customer focus, our products find a wide range of applications. Discover the different ways KÖBO high-performance conveyor chains can help your company succeed.





Roller Chains

Moving forward with KÖBO.

From classic industrial plants to agricultural machinery, you will find our drive chains across many industries and for many different uses. Our wide range of high-performance roller chains are available in DIN/ISO/ANSI dimensions. Our drive chains are pre-stretched to 30% of the measured breaking force, with curved and closed castors to DIN 81/87/88. All KÖBO roller chains have high durability and a long life expectancy, just as it should be.





Sprackets and Plate Wheels

We really sink our teeth into it.Materials and build quality of sprockets are critical to the life of any chain system. At KÖBO, our production is known for using the highest of standards for our manufacturing processes. We use our highest grade of KÖBO power spectrum on all our sprockets. And depending on specifications and application, we utilize induction hardened teeth as well.

Using our large production facilities we can manufacture sprockets and sprocket plates in nearly any exacting variation up to a diameter of 1700mm. We feel just as at home working with specialized sprockets as we do with single, dual and triple roller chains and sprockets. If a customer needs it, we can make it. We create customized solutions and materials upon request. Just look at our corrosion-resistant and split designs as an example.






Specialty Chains and Components

As a full service partner in the chain technology we offer our customers the ability to relate well as complete units within the product group chains and sprockets. In addition to high-quality KÖBO, result from this direct added value, from which our customers can profit: quality safety for all units, cost and time savings by ONE contact and the consequent minimization of suppliers.

We offer a wide range of products in the area of specialty chains and components.


KÖBO develops and produces:

  • Double strand chains with fitted conveyor cells or supporting plates

  • Double strand chains with intermounted finished carrierunits

  • Specialty chains with welded catches

  • Fully assembled drive shaft units





KÖBO Chains Production Animations