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The Oh Norman™ Series is very successful, because our training process can change any local or global company from a learning company to a teaching company! Mr. Norman is leading cast of this curriculum so his name as this curriculum name.
Global Partners & Associates LLC. develops Corporate Sales and Sales Management training modules which distributors offer to our global customers. We specialize in transforming domestic, multinational, multicultural organizations from training / learning companies to teaching companies.
We initiate the skill ownership at the executive level. After a commitment from the executive levels, we focus on the Train the Trainer approach, handing over the ownership of training and learning to the managers. We provide the materials while the sales managers provide their experience and enthusiasm to teach their staff. Our materials are pragmatic, user-friendly and easy to teach. Extensive video support helps the managers in their role as “trainers”.
In the realm of a globalizing economy and empowered customers, where people and their skills become the key differentiator, Global Partners & Associates LLC. offers an effective solution to surpass organizational, cultural and lingual barriers
We link corporate culture, business objectives and processes with a competent workforce in order to ensure commercial success for our customers.

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Oh Norman All Modules Overview
The “Oh Norman” Series is very successful, because your success will build on an effective sales training curriculum. This curriculum develops your company’s sales force into a long term, highly skilled and profitable one.
Available Modules:
* Module 1: Fundamental Selling Skills
* Module 2: Advanced Selling Skills
* Module In-House Sales/ Service (please contact us)
* Module 3: Selling to Different Customer Behaviors
* Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 for Managers: Fundamental Coaching Skills
* Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 for Sales People: Fundamental Coaching Skills
* Module 4: Fundamental Negotiation Skills
* Module 5: Team Selling Skills 
* Coaching “Oh Norman” Coaching Skills for Managers and Sales People
* The “Oh Norman” Books
The Oh Norman™ Training Philosophy :

1. Our Modules focus on the core competency of Sales Skills
2. All Modules consist of independent Sessions
3. Our Module design is attractive, pragmatic
4. Simple to facilitate by your accredited internal trainer, manager or by a GPA trainer (by request).
Norman™ Series is very successful, because we bring years of experience in research and analysis to your organization.
Our modules consist of:
1. Session booklets / Wallcharts for main skill-models
2. Extensive video segments and leader's guide supporting the manager or trainer
3. "Oh Norman™ Diary” – book as supportive reading material and Electronic Mindjoggers
4. On-line skill assessment tools available (Module 1 & 2)


Our Oh Norman™ philosophy includes the following design elements:


      Oh Norman™  Customers Statements

Strategic Partner : 
The Oh Norman™ Series is very successful, delivering you and your organization years of experience in research / analysis and implementation experience to your organization.
Global Partners & Associates LLC. offers your company a modularized Sales and Sales Management training philosophy, concentrating particularly on the process of modern consultative selling.Through the combination of a top-down and a bottom up approach, our Sales Training curriculum will become an integral and rewarding part of your specific business needs. This in return will be felt by your customers as you are exceeding their expectations.


Mr. Uly Meixner, Owner & CEO

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