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UVC Disinfection Solutions






UVC tunnels from Dinies Technologies GmbH are standing for a high quality and high efficient sanitizing and disinfection solution, which are used in many applications and industries. The most common appliation is to use the uv tunnel as a sanitizing and disinfection channel into the high-care production areas, like in the food industry, medical industry or pharmaceutical industry.









It has been building smart disinfection installations for years that kill bacteria and fungi through UV-C. Think of our crop protection, material disinfection, air purification, and water purification.








Dalmec Industrial Manipulator

Dalmec became synonymous with ergonomic, safe and effective handling of objects of different shape and consistency, from a minimum weight of 12 kg to a maximum of 1500 kg in industrial manipulator segmment.








for general inudstries :






美國Flexrm 平衡型機械手臂

Flex Machine Tools仍在以最低的價格構建創新的高性能機床解決方案。盡管公司和產品線已包含數百種不同的機床解決方案,但我們超越客戶期望的承諾已成為我們成功的關鍵! 主要產品:裝配提取省力臂,氣動攻牙省力臂,液壓攻牙省力臂,電動攻牙省力臂,模具磨削省力臂,螺旋線圈省力臂。






BRAVI Mobile Platform

BRAVI Mobile Platforms is a globally recognized and respected mobile platform production company today, a pioneer of the creation of more efficient and safer methods to work at low heights.








Pianoplan is designed to carry delicate or heavy objects such as pianos, works of art, safes, vending machines, photocopiers and refrigerators for example up and down stairs, on ramps or slides









Interflon manufactures high performance lubricants, cleaners and hardware. Our purpose is to help you to move forward in a constantly evolving world with innovative lubrication solutions. We operate in more than 50 countries, servicing over 135.000 clients in all kinds of industries. Our headquarters are in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. We give the market a new working method: we reframe Technical Maintenance.








ROSTA comprise Rubber Suspension-, Oscillating- and Tensioning-Technology. A wide range of standard elements of Rubber Suspension Elements are used for anti-vibration mounts and elastic torsion mounts. These are used in multiple industries for springing, damping and supporting.

Our Oscillating Elements cover all possible industrial application. Mainly used in the conveyor technology. They are an integrational part of any screen, sifter, conveyor trough and discharge feeder.







Getzner Werkstoffe is the leading specialist in the field of vibration isolation and protection. The company, with headquarters in Austria, has been developing solutions based on polyurethane (PU) for the isolation of undesirable vibrations and noise for close to 50 years. Its Sylomer®, Sylodyn®, Sylodamp® and Isotop® products were all developed and manufactured at Getzner's own facility. They are used in the rail, construction and industry sectors to effectively reduce vibrations and noise, improve the service life of bedded components and minimise the need for maintenance and repairs on tracks, vehicles, structures and machines.






Noonee 所生產的Chairless Chair® 2.0 隨身椅 (綽號 : 無影椅/無椅椅) 致力於提高人體工程學在製造業領域的實際應用效果,它們和機械外骨骼Exoskeleton類似,卻又更為實用:這種特殊的隨身“椅子”可以像盔甲般穿戴在用戶身上並在必要的時候發揮座椅的功能,在該設備的幫助下,用戶可以輕鬆地在複雜的工作環境中實現坐姿、站立姿勢和行走姿勢的不同轉換,使用戶能夠以健康的姿勢工作。






Skelex 外骨骼的第一次迭代誕生於飛機製造商空中客車公司對用於飛機維護的帶襯墊機械外骨骼的要求。 在 TNO 的幫助下,概念和科學合理性的證明在這個早期階段就得到了批准。  在過去的幾年中,Skelex 外骨骼已成為航空航天、汽車、建築、國防、鐵路、造船和一般行業的多家國際公司設施中的標準機械設備。






Bacteo Tower Lamp


Bacteo Tower Lamp is powered by ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). It’s a scientifically proven disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UVC) to kill harmful microorganisms. It disinfects air and surfaces from a number of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, bacterial spores, influenza, rotavirus and others. It also exterminates mold and bed mites.