Operation of tracks 


Double independent tracks, offering 2-speeds (slow and fast) to overcome obstacles, slopes or stairs, controls with joysticks that allow the steering and handling on any terrain








Up to 70 cm from the ground to allow PIANOPLAN to be pushed as a simple cart, to facilitate the overcoming of obstacles and climbing of the stairs, or to turn around in confined spaces






Lengthwise translation 


Up to 80 cm, to compensate for the displacement of the load centre and avoid the effects of tilt, for example at the top of the stairs






Rotation on rollers 


In the balancing arrangement it is possible the rotation of the lift foot rollers to allow it to adjust the trajectory, especially on stairs, in total safety






Designed to carry delicate or heavy objects such as pianos, works of art, safes, vending machines, photocopiers and refrigerators for example up and down stairs, on ramps or slides.



                                             Pianoplan performs 4 movements



                                                        Pianoplan controls 

The integrated control system of Pianoplan offers the operator maximum maneuverability of the stair climber in all directions simply and in perfect safety.
In transport mode, everything is always under control.



1 Proportional driving control (manipulator) 2 Emergency stop button 3 Red led roller lifting system 4 Key selector 5 Green led 6 Control button for the roller lifting system 7 Hour counter 8 Drive speed selector 9 Pilot light for driving speed and alarm 10 Pilot light for batteries charger 11 Drive control light 12 Control button for platform movement 13 Control button for roller lifting system 14 Control button for platform inclination (not available on Pianoplan 600J standard)0J Standard)





Safety level is independent from the shape and weight of the load to be transported. An electromagnetic brake continuously assists the operator.







are 1 or 2 people sufficient for jobs that otherwise would require 4 or 5 operators with cost and time  savings.








the commands are placed on the control console, and the operation of the tracks is controlled by an electronic potentiometer joystick which allow delicate and precise movements.








thanks to its small size and its elevation system of rollers, PIANOPLAN can rotate in very small spaces (85 cm/min).








its energy is provided by two powerful batteries that provide a range of about 50 flights of stairs.








Pianoplan avoids physical exertion, lumbago (back pain), and other fatiguing movements.







4 versions of Pianoplan are available: Standard, Vertical, forklift & Horizontal







PIANOPLAN STANDARD is suitable for the transport of all types of objects. 

Main features: 600 kg loading capacity, protected handle and easily accessible functions, commands with proportional manipulator, reclining helm, hydraulic lift equipped with rollers, independent tracks for curvature, surmountable gradient of 45°.







PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL has been designed to facilitate anchoring, the loading and transport of certain types of material, or to facilitate their storage. It is ideal for the transport of objects to horizontal dimensions, such as grand pianos, printers, photocopiers, and for all types of objects that need to maintain a horizontal position.

For example, to transport a photocopier, that requires to be kept in a horizontal position to prevent fluid loss, the model PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL facilitates the loading and carriage in the correct position. Or, to deposit a piano from the ground level on a mezzanine level, as a stage, PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL is perfect.

Main features: same as Pianoplan Standard, plus a horizontal movable platform to allow the transport of objects while maintaining a horizontal position.







It adds new features to the Pianoplan Vertical model. This accessory allows you to lift the load through two forks, mounted on sliding and turning trolley. This allows you to load an object placed vertically, bring it to a horizontal position, and rotate the load so that it is in a longitudinal position with respect to the Pianoplan.






PIANOPLAN 600J  Applications







PIANOPLAN 600J Horizontal Applications









PIANOPLAN VERTICAL has been designed to facilitate anchoring, the loading and transport of certain types of material, or to facilitate their storage. For example, having to carry a bulky object with vertical development as a refrigerator, PIANOPLAN VERTICAL allows the anchor object in the vertical position and then the carriage in an inclined position. Thanks to the stabilizers, all the work is carried out in complete safety.

Main features: same as Pianoplan Standard, plus a vertical platform to allow the anchoring of objects in vertical position, their transport and their storage returning them to the initial position.