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KÖBO Roller Chains


Moving forward with KÖBO.

From classic industrial plants to agricultural machinery, you will find our drive chains across many industries and for many different uses. Our wide range of high-performance roller chains are available in DIN/ISO/ANSI dimensions. Our drive chains are pre-stretched to 30% of the measured breaking force, with curved and closed castors to DIN 81/87/88. All KÖBO roller chains have high durability and a long life expectancy, just as it should be.

We just keep running...

Need a drive chain that can handle intensive, continuous stress? Or for use with solid resistance in extreme temperature conditions or corrosion? KÖBO has you covered with the perfect chain solution for your application.

Whether it be for European design or American construction, our products range from standard and classic designs to customer-specific applications. Discover for yourself: 

  • High-performance Roller Chains (B Series)

  • Simple Roller Chains 

  • Dual Roller Chains

  • Triple Roller Chains

  • High-performance Roller Chains (A Series)

  • Simple Roller Chains

  • Dual Roller Chains

  • Triple Roller Chains

  • Endurance Simple Roller Chains 

  • Factory Standard Simple Roller Chains 

  • Coupling Links for Roller Chains 

Potential Applications:

  • Lumber Inustry

  • Steel Industry

  • Printing Industry

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

  • Automobile Industry

  • Food Industry

​​​​​​​   and more.....